Fine Asian Art

2012 is set to be an exceptional year for Fine Asian Art at RITCHIES. From the remarkable sale of an extremely rare tuotai cup for 1.9 million CAD in June to the highly desired Qing Dynasty “Dragons and Lotus” vase at our upcoming November 25th auction. Consigning Asian art with RITCHIES means you have access to our international team of specialists, who can research and provide authentication of your property while connecting you with the world’s most important buyers.

The collection to be offered at our upcoming Asian Art auction on November 25th, 2012 includes sculptural specimens and ceramic masterpieces from several eras of Chinese history spanning from the Warring States period to the present, with the majority of the pieces from the Qing Dynasty.

Highlights include:

- a hammered bronze Warring States Period censer burner in the shape of a mythical beast, most notable for its embedded gilding which was almost unprecedented in bronze craftsmanship during this ancient time period.
- nine delicate enamel-on-bronze snuff bottles from the Qing Dynasty.
- a lobed red Jun Ware bowl from the Song Dynasty, which contemporarily was widely renowned for its lustrous red-purple sheen.
- and most importantly, the highlight of our collection, an extremely rare and magnificent Blue and White “Dragons and Lotus” vase, meiping from the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty, commemorating the three year anniversary of the death of the preceding Yongzheng Emperor – a vessel likely once used by the Emperor himself.

These pieces are all magnificent, very rare and extremely luxurious, and in many cases remain scarce examples of art forms long since vanished.

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