Selling At Auction

What’s it worth?
If you are like most people, you may not know if you want to sell until you know what your property is worth.

It begins with a phone call, letter or email to our team. Our knowledgeable and approachable staff will help guide you through the process of valuing and selling your valuables, whether it is one item or an entire estate.

Auction Estimates
An auction estimate is a range of value placed on an object under consideration for sale. We provide these estimates as a complimentary service to assist you in your decision to sell. These estimates reflect current auction prices for similar or like objects (e.g. $1,000-1,500).

You may contact us to arrange a confidential appointment, or to send photographs via mail or email.

Once you have made the decision to sell, our specialists will schedule your items for a specific sale, provide you with a receipt for your objects, review our terms and conditions of sale with you, and outline the commission structure. Our commission fees are based on the hammer price of each lot:

Hammer PriceCommission Fee
Under $5,000 20%
$5,000 – 20,000 15%
Over $20,000 10%

Ritchies is one of the few auction houses in the world to offer a “net reserve” option, which guarantees you a certain amount for your item, without the deductions of any commissions or charges.  We are proud to be one the few auction houses in the world to offer this new innovative commission structure. To learn more, contact us.

Ritchies also requires that consignors purchase insurance through Ritchies' insurance plan. Rates are calculated based on the value of the item(s) being consigned. To learn more, contact us.

We highly recommend illustrating your lot. Rates for illustration vary depending on the value of the item and the auction in which it is scheduled to sell. For our Fine Art catalogue auctions, the rates for colour illustrations start at $125.00. All lots are illustrated on our website for a flat fee of $10.00.

A few weeks before your items are sold, we will mail you a complimentary copy of the catalogue and a “Pre-Sale Advise” confirming your lot and estimates.

Payment to Consignors
Payment is made 30 business days after the date of sale. Our detailed statements of your account will show the price of each item sold, as well as the commission paid.

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