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Ritchies Realty, a division of Ritchies Auctioneers, is the premier destination for the sale of prestigious homes and estates in Canada.

For sellers, Richies Realty offers access to our finely curated network of upmarket buyers. Your home will be directly marketed to a receptive audience, and you will get the asking price for your property without months of negotiations and expensive fees.

For buyers, we offer exclusive access to some of the finest homes available, at true market value. A quick sale at true market value means you can take possession as quickly as you please.

Ritchies Realty offers both traditional sale and auction options for selling homes. Sellers can choose to sell their home through a simple listing on our website, an online-only timed auction, or a prestigious live auction, complete with a professionally-managed PR campaign.

Ritchies Realty are Canada’s experts at selling fine homes and estates worth $2.5 million and up. Our buyers are also looking for property of more modest value for investments, second homes and house flipping. Choose Richies Realty and gain the prestige of listing your home with Canada’s Premier Auction House.

Sell or buy property through Ritchies Realty. Realty auctions are a quick and safe way of selling homes, popular throughout the world. Contact us at realty@ritchies.com or 416-364-1864 for more information.


For Buyers

Ritchies Realty accepts only high-quality property with realistic valuations. We negotiate with sellers on behalf of our buyers to assure the property provides utmost value. Being auctioneers, we believe in fair market values – the market should determine the value of a property, not a single appraiser or realtor.

Avoid lengthy negotiations and expenses by buying property at auction. Titles can change hands as soon as the sale is completed, without the middlemen or hidden fees that a traditional realtor-based sale can incur.

Ritchies Realty offers a number of venues to help you find the home of your dreams:

Traditional Listing: Find a home listed on ritchies.com or our mobile app, then contact us to take a tour of the home and begin the sale process. Quickly take possession of your new home without any lengthy delays or hidden fees.

Online-Only Timed Auction: Bid on ritchies.com or our mobile app against other potential buyers in a timed auction. The highest bidder at the end of the online auction is declared the winner of the home.

Live Auction: Potential buyers come to the property on the day of the auction and participate in a live auction with a real auctioneer. The highest bidder is declared the winner of the home by the auctioneer. Additionally, the contents of the home are often auctioned in addition to the home — so you can pick up some jewellery or designer handbags to commemorate your big day!

Unlike traditional realtor-based sales, we do not charge the buyer an additional fee. In auction terms, there is no “buyer’s premium.” The final bid price is what you pay*.

* Excluding any local transfer fees or taxes.


For Sellers

Avoid the anxiety of waiting for offers, drawn-out negotiations and extraneous fees by selling with Ritchies Realty. Sell your property in as little as two weeks. If you’re an agent, maximise your commissions by selling quickly, at or above asking price.

Ritchies Realty provides access to a finely curated network of upmarket buyers from around the world, unmatched by traditional realtors.

For prestigious and hard-to-sell homes worth $2.5 million and up, we are able to bring unrivaled attention to your property. Imagine a PR campaign that has national and international media eager to get a look inside your property! That is the kind of service that only Ritchies Realty can provide.

Sell your home with Richies Realty and gain the prestige of being listed with Canada’s Premier Auction House, known internationally as stalwart auctioneers of high-value goods such as jewellery and the finest homes.

Ritchies Realty offers a number of options to sell your property:

Traditional Listing: Property is listed on ritchies.com and our mobile app, MLS-style. There is no listing fee — a commission will be due only upon successful sale. Your property will be featured in our twice-monthly email blast.

Enhanced Listing: Includes a traditional listing, professional photography and video, a virtual “open house” tour of the property, and a dedicated website for the property.

Online-Only Timed Auction: Includes a traditional or enhanced listing. A timed online-only auction that runs for a set number of days, typically between 3 and 5. The highest bidder will be declared the winner and new owner.

Live Auction: Quickly and efficiently sell your property. Potential buyers will come to the home on auction day, typically a weekend, and submit bids to the auctioneer. The highest bidder is declared the winner and new owner. The true market value of the home is found, in an easy and exciting transaction that makes both the buyer and the seller happy.

Prestige Home Live Auction: Similar to our traditional Live Auction option, buyers will come to the home on auction day and submit bids to the auctioneer. However, Prestige Home sales attract upmarket buyers for your upmarket property. This option is recommended for homes over $2.5 million. Your home will benefit from a managed PR campaign and extensive advertising, including national and international media coverage. Additionally, Ritchies will provide supplemental high-quality goods for auction — such as fine jewels, designer luxury items and fine automobiles — to garner even more attention.

For Estate Managers, Executors and Trustees

Are you in charge of an estate? Downsizing or upsizing? Ritchies Realty can help quickly sell your property and its contents.

In addition to quickly selling your home, our appraisal and auction teams can value and catalogue the contents of your home. You will then have the option of selling the contents along with the home in a full-day auction of home and contents. Alternatively, we can auction the items separately on your behalf to assure they realise the best possible prices.

Let the expert teams at Ritchies Realty and Ritchies Auctioneers help you through your transition.



While you consider your options for selling or buying a home, we hope that you'll make Ritchies Realty one of them.

Please contact us to discuss listing, buying or any questions you might have.

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