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Ritchies Auctioneers
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Online Valuation Tips
Our specialists are available to provide a no-obligation, confidential valuation of your goods. Simply select Online Appraisals as the recipient, provide as much information as you can about the piece(s) and include as many images as possible. Our specialists (and our network of international experts) will consider all variables and attempt to provide you with a rough estimation of what we think your piece(s) would sell for in the auction market.

However, this estimate is determined without physical inspection of your pieces, and as such the estimate is considered tentative, and not a formal appraisal.

If you require a formal, written appraisal for estate planning, probate or insurance purposes, we provide appraisal services at varying rates.

For more information on appraisals please see our appraisal services section or contact our offices.