Appraisal Services

Requesting an appraisal is the first step in the process of determining the value of your property. Ritchies provides a comprehensive appraisal service designed to meet your needs, whether you have a single object or an entire estate or collection. You can count on our expertise.

Appraisal services are offered in four distinct categories.

  1. Auction value
  2. Probate value
  3. Fair or Current Market value
  4. Insurance or Replacement value

Auction Value
Ritchies specialists are always available to provide complimentary auction value appraisals. Auction value estimates are a range of prices that reflect current values on similar items. Verbal estimates may be obtained by making an appointment with the appropriate specialist to bring your object to our galleries, and email auction estimates are available by contacting our specialists. Requesting an auction value estimate places you under no obligation to consign, but is a useful first step in the auction process.

If you have many items you wish us to value, a Ritchies specialist can come to your location and view the property first hand. There is an hourly fee of $125 per hour, which, should you decide to consign, will be waived or applied to your account as a credit. A phone call or e-mail to our office will ensure that you receive a prompt response from one of our specialists.

Probate, Fair Market And Insurance Values
Appraisals for probate, fair market and insurance purposes are formal documents used for determining estate taxes, for family division purposes, and making charitable donations.

Fair market and probate appraisals are billed at $150.00 per hour, excluding out of pocket and travel expenses.

Insurance and donation appraisals are billed at $250.00 per hour, with a $250.00 minimum charge.

Appraisal fees are waived or credited to your account should the items be consigned to Ritchies within a year of appraisal.

Estate Appraisals
Ritchies specialists are sensitive to the varied and often complex needs of estate consignments. Our appraisal team is always available on short notice to conduct probate or fair market appraisals, to meet with executors or family members, and to facilitate cartage of property to beneficiaries or to auction.

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